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Do you truly want to learn? "Scrum definitive for the real world. Learn how to integrate mobility, Lean, Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Management 3.0, Safe, Less, Agile Coach, Spotify Model and much more.

More than Scrum, Agility in your vein!"


How it works?

Take control and be the Product Owner, Scrum Master and / or Development Team. 
Learn  step-by-step  and with fun ways to: 
• Establish a product vision, create Product Backlog by collecting and prioritizing stories 
• Develop self-manageable teams, remove impediments, and be a leader server 
• Manage technical debt, changes, Stakeholders and customer satisfaction client 
• Conduct all Scrum ceremonies and more. 

Deal with the challenges that ordinary people face in the day to day life of an agile project.  

Who is it for?

• Agile and traditional Project Managers, certified or not 

• Product Owners or Development Team seeking Scrum enhancement and Agile Methods 

• Students, managers and professionals from all areas 

• Anyone interested in learning new skills

ScrumGame Guarantee

We have total confidence in our simulator, in our ability to transmit experiences and in your ability to learn! 

At the end of the 16 hours of training, if you are not satisfied, just show up and we will refund your money.

See the class climate during training

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Portugal, Lisboa July, 8th and 9th

¿Qué vas a aprender?

El entrenamiento es enfocado en prácticas. Durante el curso vas a aprender y practicar los principales conceptos de Scrum.


¿Qué es la agilidad?
Valores y principios del Manifiesto ágile
¿La agilidad es modismo?
Agilidad y transformación digital


Orígenes del Scrum
Scrum x PMBOK®
¿Cuándo utilice Scrum?
Pilares del Scrum
Valores de Scrum
Visión general del marco


Desarrollo del equipo
Scrum Master
Product Owner


Sprint Backlog
Sprint Planning
Daily Scrum
Sprint Review
Sprint Retrospective


Product Backlog
Sprint Backlog


Estimaciones ágiles
Release Planning
Gráfico de Sprint Brundown
Gráfico Sprint Brunup
Mapeo de personas
DOD Definición of Done
Backlog Grooming Meeting
Sprint Zero
Otras técnicas ágiles

Scrum Escalado

¿Cuándo escalar?
Scrum de los Scrums
Visión general de Nexus
Visión general de Less
Información general de Safe

Scrum in the world

Scrum remains the # 1 choice for people who work with agile methods.
A worldwide study with the agile community points out that 56% of respondents use Scrum in the management of their projects. 

In addition to the Scrum Hybrid and ScrumBan it is observed that Scrum is present, in some way, in the reality of 72% of the interviewees. 

What's up? Are you going to face this challenge?
Join thousands of people and decide to learn Scrum now. 

Apply SCRUM concepts, ceremonies, artifacts, and roles through the ScrumGame® simulator.

ScrumGame in your company?

We have personalized service for companies and groups.

16 Hour Training in Company

We customize the Scrum simulator for the reality of your company. 
We train on your premises with special price and payment conditions

Mentoring and Coaching

We keep track of your professional’s to a continuous development and improvement.

Agile Transformation

Our professionals have experience in various management models. With a multidisciplinary team we can help your company with the right Roadmap for the journey of transforming traditional teams, setting up or developing an Agile PMO.

Events and Workshops

Kanban, Scrum, Scrum Scaled, Gamification, Digital Transformation, Agile PMO, Agile Portfolio, people management and self-managed team, development and emerging management models.

ScrumGame Franchise

Do you want to be our representative in your city or region? 

Contact us

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Frequent Asked Questions

What is the course schedule?

The training has 16 hours in person.

Is training online?

No. The training is 100% in person. There is no activity outside the classroom.

Does simulation occur during training?

Yes. During the lessons you will spend more than 10 hours in simulating practicing and learning the concepts of Agile Methods and Scrum.

Will I receive the game (simulator) after the course?

No. The simulator is used during the courses by ScrumGame and its accredited to teach Agile methods and Scrum training. It significantly increases absorption rate, facilitates learning as well as being a lot of fun!

Is training preparatory to PSM I certification?

Our goal is Scrum for the real world. The idea is that you truly learn and leave the course with skills to apply and drive the key concepts, ceremonies, and artifacts of Scrum to the real world. However, during the training you will also do a simulated 200 PSM exam questions. 
Due to the use of the simulator and the teaching methodology the absorption of the content is very high. We have several people who take the certification only with ScrumGame training.

Does the training only cover basic Scrum concepts?

No. During the training you will see all the concepts of Scrum and numerous concepts of Agile Methods, Auto Manageable Teams, Coaching, Thinking Design, Sprint Design, Introduction to Scaled Scrum, among others. 

Do I need any prior knowledge before the course?

No. We have taken you from scratch throughout the course and put you at the advanced level of knowledge in Scrum and Agile Methods. There are cases where students had zero knowledge and took two certifications in Scrum after the course. See ex-student’s comments on LinkedIn by reporting this achievement.

When will the next class be?

You can see the dates and places of the classes foreseen in the site in the session "Enroll in the next classes". Every month new classes are released and listed on the site.

How is training divided?

The training takes place in 16 hours in formats: 8-hour meetings (2 meetings) or 4-hour meetings (4 meetings). Classes with 8-hour meetings usually take place on Saturdays. The classes with meetings of 4 hours during the week at night. Sporadically we have classes Saturday and Sunday, being 8 hours on Saturday and 8 hours on Sunday. See the open classes for more details on "Enroll in Upcoming Classes".

What is the value of training?

The course fee varies from country to country, + Sympla or Everbrite fees depending on the anticipation of the purchase and availability of vacancy in the class.

Are there any differences between the enrollment lots in Sympla or Everbrite?

Yes. The price! The only difference between lots is the amount of the subscription. The sooner you enroll the less is the course fee. Other than this, there is no other difference.

How do I register?

To enroll yourself simply click on any red button on the ScrumGame page. You will be redirected to the Sympla/Eventbrite page. Follow the instructions. At the end you will receive a confirmation by email.

If I enroll and cannot take the course, can I change my class?

Yes. Unforeseen happen. Just let us know and we'll change you class. You enter the site, indicate which class you want to change and that's it! 

If I do not like the course do you give the money back? As well?

We have total confidence in our simulator, in our ability to transmit experiences and in your ability to learn! At the end of 16 hours of training, if you are not satisfied, please explain and we will refund your money. 
We have more than students. We formed a community of friends along the course. We have cases of students paying to take the course again just to go through the simulator again and be able to play again. 

Does the course issue a certificate?

Yes. If you participate in 80% of the classes, you will receive the certificate of completion of the course in digital format.

Is the course worth PDU®?

Yes. The training will give you 15 PDUs if you are PMP® certified. Depending on your performance you may get an additional 10 PDUs. Details will be passed during the training.

Do you provide this training within my company?

1.Semi traditional: The HR or Area of ​​your company makes a partnership with ScrumGame and employees will receive a discount of 10% in the open classes. In this case, you pay the full amount of your subscription at a discount by paying directly to ScrumGame. Subsequently, you can get full or partial refund on the company depending on the internal policies and the negotiation that you managed to do. The classes take place outside the company, in open classes, with students from other companies, according to the current ScrumGame schedule. 
2. "Out of the box": you internally disseminate in your company the training, each student found their vacancy and we do the training within your company. For this we need a group of at least 15 people.
We are certain that we can add value to you and your company. If you have questions, need details or you do not fit into any of the above, please contact us for a chat. 

After the course?

You will be a free member of ScrumGame community. Periodically we provide news in the world of Agility, doubts, we divulge Technical Articles, contact with other former students, vacancies and opportunities in the Area, events, promotions among others.