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Gamification: from frustration to fun

Trainings are often boring and fun games. How can you use game mechanics and make training fun and effective? In this article we discuss basic issues that should be taken into account when building games. 

Games can be categorized into Entertainment, Gamification and Serious Game. Entertainment is only about fun; Gamification aims to apply gaming elements to get game benefits on problems that are not originally gaming. Serious Game is the application of elements of game mechanics for transmission of knowledge. 

Regardless of the application category, it is important that the Game Designer has in…
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What are agile methods?  
Much is being said in the market today about "agile methods," so this is a common question. 
Agile methods can be defined as project management practices that encourage frequent inspection and adaptation to the environment, using collaboration with customers and self-managed teams to deliver deliverables of value to the customer and business in short cycles. 

Ah!! Agile methods are Scrum and Kanban!
Most people have contact with Agile methods by Kanban or Scrum, as these are the most widespread practices on the market. Although they incorporate the principles of…
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Gamification Results in trainings

With games you learn more

A study conducted by Learn Magazine in the USA compared results of students who were trained with games (blue) and conventionally trained students (red). We observed that the results in the content evaluation tests show that students trained with games (blue) scored 400% more than students who had conventional training (red). 

Source: eLearnmag.acm.org

Here in ScrumGame see it every day. We observed our students having fun and, at the same time, passing certification tests. Over 90% of ScrumGame…
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Achieving Self Efficacy

We will talk about the constant need for the realization of an inward, individual, liberating movement that will foster profound internal changes in our mental models, in our paradigms. because personal development is so important, why read this chapter? 

To lead you should feel comfortable in your own skin. Every extraordinary leader is, first, an extraordinary human being. Nobody is born extraordinary: it becomes. staff paves the way for an exceptional leader.

Most project professionals are accustomed to studying and applying technical elements, whether in their technical area or in the technical management area. Terms…
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