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Publicado no dia: 24/04/2019 Voltar
What are agile methods?  
Much is being said in the market today about "agile methods," so this is a common question. 
Agile methods can be defined as project management practices that encourage frequent inspection and adaptation to the environment, using collaboration with customers and self-managed teams to deliver deliverables of value to the customer and business in short cycles. 

Ah!! Agile methods are Scrum and Kanban!
Most people have contact with Agile methods by Kanban or Scrum, as these are the most widespread practices on the market. Although they incorporate the principles of Agility, they represent only a small part of the universe of knowledge, principles of Agility.

In addition to Scrum and Kanban there are several other frameworks that address principles and values ​​of agility. Here are some additional examples: 

Agile methods are fad?
Technological and cultural changes are structural and are occurring at an ever-increasing rate. Digital transformation, disruption, exponential organizations, Lean Start Ups are increasingly frequent terms in business and represent the profound technological and cultural transformation we are experiencing. And that's just the beginning.
We live in a world where solutions, products, deliveries, relationships and services are increasingly complex, more interconnected and interdependent, generating difficulty in understanding the result of the interactions of the many variables of a given situation, challenge or problem. There is still a lot of ambiguity, because several of the situations in which we live accept different possibilities of different paths. Add to this the speed at which changes and their impacts occur. This whole scenario of instability and volatility leads to many doubts, indecisions and inaccuracies typical of a context in which knowledge is usually incomplete during the decision-making process. 
This is the new normal: the VUCA world. In the 1990s the US Army used the acronym VUCA to describe the new post-Cold War context that was its new normality in the various situations and contexts: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and ambiguity. 
Agile practices and methods, therefore, with their principles of empiricism, short cycles, adaptation are not a fad and meet the irreversible scenario that organizations and projects are experiencing: the need for frequent construction of new products, the need for adaptation constant for organizational survival, the need for experimentation, the reduction of the term and cost to deliver value to stakeholders. 

How can we help you?
ScrumGame is a company specialized in the development of simulators and gamification for project management training. We offer a set of educational and consulting solutions so that you and your team can practically experience a variety of real-world situations. 
Our simulators will allow a total immersion of the participants, who assume the diverse roles of an agile team having to overcome the various challenges of prioritizing customer demands in order to make uncertain deliveries with the highest possible value in the shortest time, impediments, adaptation needs, waste, increased efficiency of the process. All this while facing perhaps one of your biggest challenges: develop as self-manageable teams!
Participate and apply in your real world the next day!