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Is your project too big? How to run agile in contexts involving multiple teams? Synchronize work with geographically distributed teams? Prioritize demands? Manage risks and budgets? 
Experience main frameworks for scaling Scrum and agility in the organization. Experience Scrum's main problems and challenges. Get success while dealing with a company's traditional culture by implementing agile transformation.

Scaled Scrum

How it works?

Take control of the agile transformation in our Scrum simulator in its scaled up version. 
Learn  step-by-step  and fun way: 
• Organize the program's Backlog 
• Integrate an agile portfolio and the work of the Product Owner 
• Synchronize multiple teams 
• Deliver value continuously to the business 
• Understand the key roles in scrum scaled frameworks 
• The Scrum Scheduling Implementation Steps 
Address the challenges that ordinary people face in the agile transformation of a company.

Who is it for?

Agile team members with experience in Scrum 

What will you learn?

Introducing Less, Nexus and SAFe 
When to scale and when not to scale? 
Lean thinking and lean systems 
Visualizing and limiting WIP, reducing batch sizes and managing queue lengths 
Innovation management and agile attitudes 
Business value and economic vision 
Building incrementally with fast and integrated learning cycles 
Objective evaluation of work systems 
Continuous delivery of value 
Program backlog 
Organizational changes 
management People management, culture and transformation 
Decision-making processes 
Application and practical experience of the Nexus Framework with Scaled ScrumGame
Application and practical experience of Framework Less with Scaled ScrumGame 
Application and practical experience of SAFe with Scaled ScrumGame

Common questions

Is this training face-to-face?


How long is the course?

It's 16 hours in person.

Do I need to do ScrumGame before to do this training?

No. ScrumGame is not required to do this training, but you should be aware of Scrum because we will not discuss basic aspects of Scrum in this course.