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Do you want to pass the exam? Do you already know at least the basics of Scrum and want to make sure? Then it's time for you to do the preparatory and greatly increase the chances of passing first in the race.
Take the preparatory PSM certification “Course” and have directions to questions such as: what are the test questions? What are the "tricks"? How to prepare? What should I study? How do I know if I'm ready?

PSM Preparatory

Who is it for?

People with prior knowledge in Scrum and who wish to pass the PSM I certification


bandeira-br.pngPreparatório Certificação PSM I

Brazil, São Paulo 27/05/2019 à 14/06/2019 Horário: Sessões de 30 min a 90 minutos, após as 20hs conforme agenda.

Scrum Master Certification


Common questions

Is this training face-to-face?

No. This training is online.

Is the Scrum course included in this training?

No. In this training we start from the premise that you already know Scrum and want to pass the test. We will not cover basic Scrum concepts. We will focus only on the important points for the test.

Do I need to do ScrumGame to do this training?

Do I need to do ScrumGame to do this training?

I did Scrum training somewhere else. Can I do the preparatory?

Yes. However, as emphasized, it is important that you have prior knowledge of Scrum. If you have taken an internet course or even face-to-face, however superficial, based on slides or poorly connected dynamics will have difficulties in the test. In fact, it may be because of this knowledge gap in Scrum that you are unsure of the test. If this is your case, we recommend that you enroll in ScrumGame before you take the preparatory course.