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To who are these trainings for?

  • Traditional and Agile project managers, certified or not
  • Product Owners or Development Team for Improvement in Scrum and Agile Methods
  • Students, managers and professionals from all areas
  • Anyone interested in learning new management skills

We install the "Agile Chip" in your mind very a fast!

We do this in an innovative way. We develop simulators exclusively to put you in the day to day of real situations of Agile projects.
Experience the challenges of developing a self-managed team that works collaboratively and self-organized to deliver value to the business.
Experience in practice how to take care of a Product Backlog, manage Stakeholders, plan and estimate agile projects, track progress, remove impediments, produce quality increments, provide continuous improvement in agile projects and more.
We are different from everything you have ever seen.
Here you will learn to apply in the real world. We have no choice but to master the issues discussed during the training!


International success

We are very proud to have represented Agility outside the country. 
We show that we Brazilians do very well on this topic. 
We influenced more than 6 nationalities with our visit to Europe. 

We still have a lot to contribute with Agility both inside and outside Brazil. 
Wait for the news! 




Brasil, Campinas, SP Sábado e Domingo, 13 e 14/04 Horário: 9hs às 18hs
R. Dr. Teodoro Langard, 126
Campinas - SP


Brasil, São Paulo Sábado e Domingo, 27 e 28/04 Horário: 9hs às 18hs
Alameda dos Quinimuras, 187 - Serasa Experian
Planalto Paulista
São Paulo - SP

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